About Us

We're a seasoned team of agile technologists with a primary focus on executing in a lean startup style. We've planned, designed, developed and launched products addressing complex requirements in a variety of markets — including large mobile appstores, social networks, and content management systems.

We combine our technical skills with the startup business expertise you will not get from a conventional development shop. We've founded, launched, and grown numerous startups and we understand the strategic and operational challenges that must be addressed to achieve a successful product launch.

We're committed to our clients' success and we're experts in building cost-effective, high-performance and scalable solutions. We take ownership and work side-by-side as a committed partner with a small number of clients. We build products with business objectives in mind.


Focus on goals

We approach product development from a business perspective — factoring in strategy, finances, and marketing to gain a clear understanding of your goals. And, we maintain a constant awareness of the business goals while developing and delivering a technology solution that is most likely to achieve success.

Choose the right technologies

We encourage a lean and agile approach to building products. We select technologies that provide the most cost-effective path to market and that allow us to quickly adapt and improve the product as we obtain real market feedback.

Create an MVP

Our job is build products that achieve a handshake with the market you are targeting. We work diligently to avoid building products and features that the market does not want or need. We build technology that will prove your concept and achieve that critical initial traction in the market — demonstrating the market fit needed to achieve liftoff.

Build your team

Without a core team with all the necessary skills, great ideas can languish. Whether your company is a startup or a larger going-concern, it can be difficult to assemble a committed team in an expedient manner. We can immediately provide an experienced team that can work side-by-side as you grow your team. As your product gains momentum we can continue to work as part of company, or transition our role to your own team members.

Make it all happen

Having a good idea is not enough. We work hard to figure out how to balance vision with great execution. When a balance is achieved between vision and execution, anything is possible. Whether we're building a prototype to test in the market or to secure capital for growing a business, we execute. We draw on our experience as entrepreneurs to avoid pitfalls and to re-use models for success. We believe in honesty and transparency. We're not afraid to let you know when and why we think an idea does not sense.

Make it go and grow

The world today is overflowing with startup ideas and startups. To earn business and financial support, ideas need to be converted into products and need to demonstrate market traction. Our team has bootstrapped companies from zero to profitability. And, when it made sense or was necessary for growth, we've raised capital. We'll work with you to position your product or company for further growth through financing.


Product Design

Web Development

Mobile App Development


Social Networks

Digital Marketing

Our Team...

Our team has worked together for over 10 years – and we possess all the necessary skills and experience to take a product from concept to launch – and beyond.

Steve Howard


Adriano Chiaretta


Howie Hecht


Tricia Dippel

Social Media

Raman Arora


and Our DNA

What we are...

Serial Entrepreneurs
Experts at Starting Things
Seasoned Technologists
Execution Specialists
Digital Marketers
Tenacious & Efficient

What we are not...

Consultants - We Take Ownership
An Outsourcing Company
An Incubator
Angel Investors
Yes men. We tell it like it is

What you should be

Ready with a product concept
Able to articulate the opportunity
Committed to team work
Armed with domain expertise
Committed to executing a plan
Obsessed with getting it right

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